Disco Packages

Although Pulse Roadshow has 5 main mobile disco packages (shows) each show can be suited to your requirements. If you are unsure what to book please let us know the details about your function and we will help you decide.

Subtle lighting with big sound, no problem.

Discreet sound with big lighting, no problem!

We choose our equipment to best suit you, the venue and your guests - elegance is our goal. A good looking show is not just more pleasing to the eye, it shows your guests you took time to select the right disco for your function!

Why not take a look through our Disco Packages and you will get a good idea of the different ways we present ourselves, then call to discuss YOUR requirements!

What we like to do is steer away from the 'traditional' mobile disco look with flashing light boxes and the over head horizontal Truss (silver scaffolding!) which holds the lighting effects. Over the past 5 years we have been able to offer our lighting in a more 'pleasing to the eye' look. The Truss can be used as vertical pillars (which we call Totems) and are illuminated in a colour of your choice, maybe to your chosen colour theme or one to compliment it. They can also scroll through many colours or change colour to the beat of the music later in the evening when the night is in full swing.

You will see in the photos below the 'scaffold' truss being used in Shows 2 to 5. You will also see in these shows the Totems illuminated in many colours.

Once you have selected a Disco Package have a look through our Additional Services to add more sparkle to your function!

(* Truss is the horizontal silver bars above the DJs head which the lighting effects are attached. Totems are illuminated vertical columns with the lighting effects on top. Much more elegant, suits more venues and can be placed around the dance floor for full surround lighting leaving no one in the dark!)

Show 1

Mobile Disco Package Show 1

This mobile disco show is aimed towards clients who wish to have a simple but effective sound and light show. It is suitable for up to 100 people in a small venue. Lighting is elevated on 2 chrome stands either side of the DJ and fills the dance floor with bright and colourful patterns!

Mobile Disco Package Show 2

This show is suitable from 50 up to 150 people either in a hall or marquee. It boasts some of the latest technology in lighting and includes either a mirror ball or a stunning bright centre piece. Speakers will be selected by us and will either be RCF EVox 8 & FBT Mitus 152a to suit the venue. This light show show is installed on 2 of our vertical Totems. The Totems are 1.6 to 2 metre high columns which can be illuminated and can match your party colours. The Totems are placed either side of the DJ Booth

Mobile Disco Package Show 3

This is our flagship Show which goes out on most events! Suitable for 50 to 350 people. The moving head lighting effects are doubled up compared to Show 2 which gives an awesome light show, along with either a Mirrorball, 2x centrepiece effects you surly won't be left in the dark! For an additional fee our Multicoloured *laser can be added! This light show show will be installed on 4 of our vertical Totems. The Totems are 1.6 to 2 metre high columns which can be illuminated and can match your party colours. Using the Totems we can place the 4 Totems around the dance floor for surround lighting. The 4 Totems are controlled by wireless adapters so you have no long cables being taped to the floor around your beautifully decorated venue! Please see the photos. The sound system is from FBT using the top of the range Mitus series. The speakers are designed to create a full rounded sound aimed onto the dance floor.

Club Mobile Package Show 4

Club Mobile is the show where you get to hear all your favourite club tunes whether it's up to date or a dedicated genre like R&B, Old Skool etc. For an additional fee we can arrange a D&B, Dubstep, Funky House or a well known local Happy Hardcore DJ to spin the tunes! This show is based on the Show 3 but obviously the WOW factor lights, laser shows and the FBT sound system will be cranked up to get that Club feel!  It includes 2 more Totems and Beam moving head lights bring that nightclub feel to your event. For a small additional cost we can add more Totems and Beam lights, please contact us to discuss this.  Check out our Youtube page to see our 4 Watt analogue Laser system going through a rainbow of colours and graphics!

Events Package

This show is based around the venue so is priced accordingly.

Suitable for Corporate Events, Shows & Boxing Events etc

Please enquire for more details stating your requirements and ideas.

*Lasers require haze to produce the in air beams that you see. Please contact the venue to see if they allow haze machine to be used. If your function is in a marquee, don't worry!