Music-Your Music!

Often overlooked when booking a Mobile Disco or DJ! A lot of our bookings come from recommendations so our clients know what music we can provide. But quite often we get enquiries stating the Venue, running times of the function and what the occasion is for. Sometimes we don't even get that, 'how much do you charge for a disco' is quite popular! Not many enquiries ask what music we play, are we suitable for your function????

If you know a DJ who you want to play at your event then head over to our page

Altenatively if you have created a playlist which you would like us to adhere to please contact us to discuss this!

What we do!

So, what music do we play? Our question to you is what music do you like?

If you are after full on cheesy pop or choreographed dance songs like Macarena, YMCA etc, no problem! But if you require your function to steer well clear of the cheese, no problem either!

All of the music we hold is based around the UKs Top 40 Singles charts from the past 60 years. This means all the music is main stream and ensures your guests will recognise what they are hearing. If you have any tracks you would like played which has not been a UK chart hit (we don't claim to hold everything!) please let us know and we'll do all we can to obtain them for your function, please note we will purchase up to 10 tracks free of charge, after this we will consult you and if you want any or all of the songs played after the 10 track limit we will ask you to pay for the extras (normally 79p-£1.00 a track). You are more than welcome to draw up a playlist for the whole night or provide ideas of what you would like to hear, or of course you can leave it to our DJing experience to get you & your guests dancing!

One thing we do request, think about your guests and what they want to dance to. Songs that sound great when your sat in your living room or combing your hair in the bedroom can sound totally different when played at a party full of people with mixed tastes!

We do have many lists of music we have played over the years which you are more than welcome to look at. Please note, every function is different. We don't have a 'one playlist suits all' approach. One function we can start off with 70's disco and another it can be Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop or even Trance!

If you do want music suggestions make an appointment and come to our office where you can go through our past playlists and listen to songs on our installed Bose sound system.